Where are you off to on your financial journey?

We all have different destinations in mind. Yet we all hope for safe travels, for financial success.

What is financial success? Perhaps the better questions is, what does financial success mean to you? One reason financial success can be so achievable is that we each get to decide what is of value to us, what makes us content and fulfilled, what will make us feel financially successful.

No matter how you define financial success, Do 12 Things on your financial journey—a journey that is already underway!

Your bags are backed and loaded in the car—a car that is your life! The engines on. The hand brake is off. The transmission is in Drive and the pedal is to the metal. You better get your hands on the wheel!

The list of Twelve Things will challenge you to consider much more than money and investments on your financial journey. Your journey is about quality of life! What value is financial success if it doesn’t bring purpose and fulfillment?

Don’t pull into a rest area! Too often, people say, “I’ll start on doing the 12 Things next year.” And they say the same thing the following year. Next year turns into two years, and then into three, and then into…never. If you delay getting started on doing the 12 Things, your financial journey to success becomes much more difficult.

Your financial journey is really about what’s going on in your life today. It’s about establishing priorities, being physically healthy, having relationships, building community—those “human conditions” that can translate into a desirable quality of life at any age, a journey worth taking.

Life happens. We can learn from the setbacks life so often presents us or be sidetracked by the missteps of earlier years. No matter your current situation or circumstances, believe financial success is possible—even if the challenge is great.

There is always one obstacle to keep you from achieving financial success. That obstacle is you. You must decide you really want to have financial success as you define it. Without that commitment, your financial journey will be a road full of potholes and detours.

Turn on your GPS, drive with enthusiasm, and Do 12 Things on your financial journey.