4 – Proceed To Checkout

How much money is required to fund each of your financial goals? If only it were as easy as pulling items off the shelf, filling up a shopping cart and having your dreams scanned at checkout. Yeah, a little math is gonna be involved to come up with the answer.

Knowing what it will take to achieve your goals makes it easier to do what it takes!

Take Action:

  • Gather information about your current financial situation
  • Quantify the dollar amount that is necessary to achieve your financial goals
  • Access online calculators to make the math easy


Even if you’re really good at math, there are “financial calculators” that can help you more easily determine the cost of your goals. Some effort on your part will be necessary. Get used to it because a fulfilling, financial journey requires determination and commitment.

To achieve a goal, you need to know the extent of the challenge. The activities that are your idea of financial success can each have a different price tag. Some may even be of a relatively modest amount. Still, you might find that a goal as initially conceived is not realistic. You may need to scale a goal back, push its date back, or allocate more savings to it. If your goals are unrealistic, your frustration in not achieving them might cause you to quit the effort altogether. That would be a mistake.

Once you have envisioned achievable goals, have at it and enjoy the journey!