Life would be infinitely happier if we could only be born at the age of 80 and gradually approach 18.
                                                          —-Mark Twain

There are a lot of people 80 years old people who would disagree with Mark Twain.  Many studies show that the “happiness” quotient of people actually increases starting at age 50 when many of the pressures associated with job and family are behind them.  However, we won’t dispute that most 80-year old’s wouldn’t mind relief from some aches and pains!

Fortunately, those aches and pains can be minimized with a rigorous exercise program.  By rigorous, we mean “aerobic”. Yes, you have to sweat!

A rigorous exercise program is best established at a younger age and then maintained throughout your lifetime.  It’s never easy to get started on changing one’s behavior.  “Relapses” are quite common. But the younger you are, the easier it will be to develop a regular exercise program. Perhaps Nike has said it best: Just Do It!

Poor health has so many “costs”. The financial costs are obvious: prescriptions, co-pays, deductibles, and lost wages. There really bigger costs to pay that are not financial and which will only add to the monetary cost of poor health. Aerobic exercise can radically reduce inflammation, thus eliminating 50% of the worst diseases we otherwise are prone to. Aerobic exercise can improve your mood and reduce both depression and stress.  Another big benefit:  aerobic exercise can make you smarter.  Turns out the brain thrives on exercise!

You look better.  You’re more confident.  You have energy.  With so many positive benefits associated with a rigorous exercise program, why do so many people fail to include one in their daily lives?  It’s really hard to do. Just do it!

So with most things in life, it comes down to making a decision: Do you want to be physically fit and healthy,  and live a long, productive, fulfilling life? If you do, change your shoes.