“Successful, huh. If I Do 12 Things on my “financial journey,” is there a guarantee that I will be financially successful?”

If only there were such a guarantee! Life is too unpredictable to say with certainty that there will never be potholes or detours on your journey. But bank on this: Do these 12 Things and your travels will be more pleasurable and much safer.

Do you really want to achieve financial success? If so, it will involve hard work and discipline, particularly for a few of the 12 Things which will require changes in your behavior. Are you capable of making some tough decisions and following through on the effort it will require to achieve success? If so, odds will be high that financial success can be yours.

The only thing harder than achieving financial success is NOT achieving financial success. Living paycheck to paycheck is very stressful. It can affect your health; your relationships, your standard of living; your enjoyment of life. The hole you’re digging by not doing these 12 Things can be tough to climb out of.

Running a household is not cheap. There’s the cost of housing, utilities, food, insurance, clothes, transportation, etc. The 12 Things will challenge you to balance immediate demands on your income with longer-term goals and security. By “longer-term”, we don’t mean just retirement. Do you have emergency funds? Are you paying off credit cards or student loans? Are you saving to buy something big like a car, a house? Are you looking to fund a child’s college education? The ability to achieve this “balance” will define your quality of life, both now and far into your future.

Your financial journey is underway now–guarantee or no guarantee. You’re barreling down the highway today! Why not think of as a GPS and the 12 Things are its directions to follow while traveling?

We expect that you are already doing some of the 12 Things. And some of them are not that difficult. Unfortunately, a few of the 12 Things—as easy as they are—are the very things we tend to put off! The few 12 Things that are hard?  There the ones that will make a huge difference in your enjoyment of life.

Perhaps you are a well-seasoned traveler and you’re already at #12 and Running with the Big Dogs! We hope so! But what about your children? Nieces and nephews? Steer them to Get them headed in the right direction.

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