2 – Change Your Shoes

Take off the work boots, wingtips, high heels, the mules with kitten heels—especially the slippers. Put on some athletic shoes! Time to hit the gym, take a bike ride, or go for a walk. (And throw out the chips.)

Take Action:

  • Exercise!
  • Eat healthy!


Being sick costs money! You lose time—and pay—at work. Doctor visits cost money, even if you have health insurance. (There are deductibles and co-pays!), and medicine can be expensive.

Being sick is no fun! You’re trying to enjoy life, remember?

Being sick may shorten your life! Being healthy and above ground always beats the alternative.

Many health problems are avoidable if we simply take care of ourselves. Do we really need to give you a list of avoidable health problems, such things as diabetes, congestive heart failure, etc.? Exercising regularly and eating healthy will have a huge impact on your health.

Unhealthy people can be forced to “retire” early. Studies show that as many as 15% of retirees were forced into retirement early because of poor health. Forced retirement means you have fewer years to save and will accept a greatly reduced social security payment. In other words, your standard of living during retirement could be much lower than if you are healthy.

Life happens, and poor health may result from genetics or just bad luck. Let’s hope fate smiles on you.