11 – Hide the Important Stuff Where Others Can Find It

When there is a crisis in your life—and we emphasize when, not if—someone other than you might be looking for healthcare directives, passwords, list of accounts, insurance policies, wills, trusts, etc.

Take Action:

  • Document
  • Organize
  • Tell your “trusted contacts” where to find your important papers


How easy will it be to locate important documents that will impact your family and you? If you would have to dig through files and drawers to some up with critical documents, how easily will it be for your trusted contact? And even if organized, are your documents hidden away or under a lock and key where no one can gain access?

Who is a “trusted contact?” It could be your spouse, partner, a family member, attorney, accountant. Identify someone and communicate with them about the documents you’ve assembled—and where and how they can be accessed.